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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sometimes Pizza Will Do

We are officially in the holiday season. Restaurant was busy all weekend long, an indicator of the weeks to come. I really shouldn't be surprised since I used to be a server long ago. Holidays are the money makers. Totally different situation in the kitchen, and one I would rather deal with than with customers.

It may be starting to take its toll... working seven days a week. After work I ran some errands. Pulled into a parking lot and closed my eyes for just one second as I was listening to the radio.

I swear it was just a second.

Fell asleep in the parking lot. Not too long, but it was one of those sudden wake up deals. Good thing it was dark.

Dinner tonight was a take and bake pizza. Nothing fancy, three cheese so M could partake. For store bought, it was decent. Wonder how it'll be tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be hard as a rock. Most thin crust ones are.

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