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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Melt N' Toast

Hey everyone... hope you've had a good Saturday. I'm currently sitting on the couch, trying my best not to fall asleep and watch this HBO special. I blame the drinks from earlier in the day for getting me to this state.

Went with friends to Melt N' Toast at the Takk House. What was Melt N' Toast? As per the website, a "festival of melted cheese & toasted bread." Local restaurants offering up their versions of cheese and bread, paired with a regional alcoholic beverage. Plus a DJ, and a photo booth. Should be fun, right?


I can see this post is going too negative and I just deleted three paragraphs of venting about this thing. Let me just say this - it was okay. Lots of pork filled grilled cheeses. Fine for me, not so much for M. Aside from Merv's Meatless, vegetarian options were scant. And there were vendors who weren't pleased if you asked for one without meat. As some festival goers commented, "I paid forty dollars for this... how hard is it to make a regular grilled cheese?!?"

Forty dollars got you ten tickets to get ten samples. I barely got through half those tickets before I said enough. And I wasn't the only one. I noted several people giving their unused tickets as they were leaving. You also got a commemorative glass. Also known as a pint glass with a sticker slapped on it.

I need to stop. Heading back to the negative.

Best of the seven choices was the Fresh Greens offering. Can't even tell you too much about it other than there was tomato and basil. They were selling soup, which hello... goes great with grilled cheese. Here's an idea - if they do this again, maybe it should be a grilled cheese and soup pairing.

Best part of that afternoon wasn't even there. We hit up Footy Magoos and drank plenty of hot apple ciders. Booze and arcade games are a winner in my book.

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