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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Early Morning Rambles and Cooking

Hello. Still there? Well I'm still here.

Been busy. Big things... mostly trying to buy a place and a car. Place I kinda have, car I need to work on. 

Still doing the keto thing, which has been alright. Stayed on this a lot longer than the Paleo dealie. Which is weird, because they are somewhat similar. You read about people going on keto and they talk about all this weight they lose right away. I'm a month in and I have lost an astounding... five pounds. 


Maybe I'm more keto-ish than keto. Or maybe I don't have water weight that needs to be lost. I must say, I drink a crapton more water now than I used to. I bring my 34 oz water bottle with me to work every day and half of it is gone before lunch. I fill it back up with ice and keep plugging along. 

I kind of miss things. Like ice cream. Why did I start this nonsense in the summer, the peak of all ice cream-ness? Instagram taunts me with pictues of ice cream sammies, black ice cream, this week's flavors at Snowman. And yes, I know I can go and get some, eff the sugar... but I end up talking myself out of it and eating blueberries and calling it a day. 

Since I passed out at 7 last night, I am up bright and early. May even go to the gym first thing this morning. In the meantime, I am reading yesterday's WSJ and cooking lunch. This week's lunches/dinners are Mexican shredded chicken either in a salad or over cauli rice. And don't get me wrong, it is tasty, but I need something else. Which explains why I got some fish and calamari after work yesterday. Totally hit the spot.

Now I'm cooking up some Filipino food. Laing, to be exact. And as paleo as many filipino dishes are, they are also keto friendly. Some adjustments here and there, but doable. Kelp and shiritaki noodles are decent replacements, and hello! no more bloat.

I've posted a recipe for laing in the past years. But it is simple - sauteed onion, garlic, and ginger. Diced pork belly and tuna. Collard greens, coconut milk, and fermented shrimp paste. Not sure how this will be over cauli rice, but it's pretty good on its own.

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