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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Keto Day 14 - So Much for a Daily Log (aka Read My Rambles)

Just when I think I'm over this bug, it likes to remind me I am way wrong. Yesterday was the non-stop throat clearing stage, to the point where I swear the back of my throat was bleeding. Today is the oh-so-pretty coughing up phlegm stage. Amazingly enough, not one cough while I worked out this morning, but the minute I stepped out the doors, coughcoughcoughcoughewwimgonnapuke.

Days 10 - 13 aren't posted because a) I was feeling too sick to; and b) I forgot. Even when the thought popped into my head I should write it up, I wasn't in the mood. Blogging is boring. Right now I have some time to kill. Writing up a shopping list for the week. This may bore the handful of people that still read this blog, but eh... life. I full expect those hits to drop.

I'm a little shocked that a place like Honest Weight does not sell treats that are both gluten free and sugar free. They have gluten free items, but they had sugar. There were sugar free items, but had grains of some sort. I may be wrong, and there is indeed something that fits that need, but no luck. I ended up eating some almonds and seaweed snax things. Savory is fine and all, but sweets damnit. I want a sweet. Got a fat bomb book that looks promising, I'll be posting some of my makes on here. When I remember, of course.

For those looking to forego bread, Red Robin offers a burger called the "Wedgie." It's on the menu next to the "Noogie," and the "Swirlie."

I joke. Mostly. Pretty badly.

Anyways, a burger with bacon and guacamole, wrapped in iceberg lettuce. It wasn't bad, except for the fact they cooked my burger wrong. I asked for medium rare, I got well. Maybe I should ask for blue next time, and if I'm lucky I'll get barely medium. Comes with a salad, under 500 calories, if that is something you care about.

Oh, I suppose my eating so far today

Breakfast - Coffee w/ half & half and mct oil. Two baked chicken thighs seasoned with cajun seasoning.

Snack - More chicken. If you can't tell, I'm trying to finish what I have on hand. Protein good. Blahblahblah bad. Lots of water. More coffee. Ho hum.

Lunch - Ended up eating on the late side, hit up the gym and I wasn't feeling hungry until the late afternoon. More chicken, surprise surprise.

Dinner - Blueberries. I was meal prepping (pork & chicken adobo, chicken stock, ground beef), and honestly nothing else sounded good. Although popcorn would have been nice while watching Twin Peaks.

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