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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When Enough is Enough

Let me just say the only reason why we went here is because of happy hour. 

Spent the holiday mostly studying, but I took some time out to go to Home Depot for paint. And since we were already in Latham, figured we may as well grab drinks at Brick House. It was after 4:00 and their happy hour runs until 7:00. Three dollar drafts and five dollar appetizers were right up our alley.

Except there was no happy hour. No signs at the tables, no mention of it anywhere. I don't think they did away with it altogether, because from what I remember from past visits, the place would be packed. It was probably because of the holiday. We never asked about it, and we probably should have just left at that point. Especially since we had to wait before our server acknowledged we were there.

But that's Brick House's thing - waiting. Waiting for a server. Waiting for drinks. Waiting to place our orders. Waiting for another drink. You get the point. Slow service, and food that's heavy on the grease, and on this visit, heavy on the salt.

Thanks to that burger crawl, I have been on a cheeseburger kick. Ordered the house cheeseburger, medium rare with cheddar, and fries. What you saw above is what came out. Twenty-three fries on that plate. Excuse my fry loving self, but are you f***ing serious? That looks like it was an afterthought. Hardly any fries, and the ones that were there were SALTY. I like salty food, but geez... had to shake the excess salt off. 

As for the burger, meh. I could see they were aiming for medium rare, since they left the marker still on the burger. Ended up being more medium, but medium rare is hit or miss at most places. Finished it quickly and tried to get the attention of our server about getting some less salty fries. She didn't hear me. She seemed a bit frazzled so I just let it go.

M ordered the Thai Tots, a new to us item on their menu. Tater tots topped with Thai BBQ and peanut sauce. There may be more, but I don't remember the description. And just happened with my fries, salt strikes again. Whomever is stationed at the fryer, salt bae they are not. Tots heavily salted, and then doused in sauces which have their own amounts of salt. 

Never say never, but I think we'll be staying away from here for a while. 

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