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Monday, December 12, 2016

Get Up Early, Get Things Done

It's a snowy Monday morning here in the Capital Region. In anticipation of that, I woke up pretty early to get things done before I head out to work. So far I have done the following:

- kettlebell workout (my right shoulder finally feels good enough to do some weight work)
- eat and make breakfast (finished up the rest of the tinola I made on Saturday and whipped up some oatmeal for morning break)
- pack lunch (left over pasta, kimchi, and seaweed salad)
- read a couple of articles in the NYT

Along with my usual morning routine (listen to NPR, pinterest gawk, drink lots of coffee)

While I got these things done, I still don't feel that I've accomplished much with my time. Days like these are an anomoly - most mornings I hit the snooze button way more than I should, which has me rushing like mad to get things ready before I'm out the door.

Perhaps I should add this to the growing list of goals for 2017. Do more, but in a thoughful way. If that makes any sense.

Also, my writing skills are rusty. Feels more like word plop, drop and run.

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