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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Saturday Ride–‘Murica Edition

Happy Fourth!

I got up early this morning and took an “easy” five mile ride. Just to get used to back-to-back rides. Well, after my day yesterday, this easy ride was far from it. I didn’t feel achy when I got up, but once back on the bike it all came rushing forth.I My bike has one of those gel foam seats, which when paired with padded shorts wasn’t too bad. Sure, I had to stretch and shift positions, but I made it. Today, no padded shorts because it was supposed to be a quick ride.

Right off the bat, pain pain pain. Maybe if I had a super fluffy pillow top bike seat would this ride have been enjoyable. Rode on the ever-so-patriotic Uncle Sam’s bikeway.  Asphalt, which is maintained for the most part. Cracks here and there are on the path, but tree roots like to cause trouble. Fact. Trail is flat, with barely a hill. Can it even be called a hill? Baby hill? Hill lite? Mini hill. Chance to use my gears, which I need to work more on.

This coming week I’ll be starting my training for the fall rides. At least attempt. Depends on the weather and how I feel after workouts and work and things.

Well… I’ll probably nap for a bit before we head out. Hopefully there are places open.

America… w00t!

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