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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Monday and Tuesday Workouts

Monday -

For Time

1000m Row

-Right Into-

KB Swings (53/35)
Over Head Squats (95/65)

Results -


To be honest, I really didn't want to work out Monday. I got home and felt sick. But I forced myself anyways and felt much better afterwards (and exhausted as heck). I signed up for the last class of the day. Smaller group, should consider changing up my work out times.

Even though it was for time, I really didn't want push myself too hard at the beginning. So it was a steady row, until the last 200 meters when I tried to finish quickly. I think I finished at about the four minute mark.

The coach suggested we go straight into the KB swings (American style, which is just about over head) and then take a five second break before starting the OHS. Because I was anticipating muscle fatigue, I went light with the kettle bell - 25 lbs. I had 50 lbs on the bar, so slightly light. KB swings, weren't a problem, but those OHS definitely were. Even with a break before starting, I would be able to get two or three before dropping the bar. Tiiiiiiiiired. But I finished, and wasn't the last one. Second to last, but whatever.

Tuesday -

6 Sets x 1 Rep
@85-90% 1 RM Snatch

EMOM x 10 Min
5 Dead Lifts @ 50-60% of 1 RM
10-15 Double Unders/20-30 Singles

Results -

Thankfully, an easier day. This was day two of snatches, as I used the snatch to get the bar up for the OHS the day before. Nothing too bad here - three sets @ 45 lbs and three sets @ 50 lbs. Used the wrist straps at the gym, need to look around the house for mine.

Honestly, I don't remember what my 1 RM for the dead lift is, but maybe 160 so I threw on what I thought was 80 lbs (turns out it was 95... I don't know the color coding on the bars!). Doable. I ended up doing singles since my double unders are... non-existant. Oh well, let me take that back. They exist... on my forearms. I have welts from where the rope kept hitting me. One of the coaches offered some advice, but I guess I have to keep trying, welts and all. Every now and then I get it - the longest I've gone is ten DUs in a row. Then I hit my ankle. Oh well.

Did I say it was easier earlier? Yeah well, easy yet exhausting.

But I still managed to get a ride in right after this.

Yep. Crazy.

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