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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Wednesday Workout, Ramblings, and the Status of my Culinary Education

There were three points I wanted to make this morning. I am pretty sure these were the three that I was thinking of. Not in the order listed above, here we go.


I'm at work. I'm still sick. Don't necessarily think I'm infectious, but I am achy and exhausted. Congested. Where is my bone broth?!? Er... stock. Bone broth is stock. Let's not get into that nonsense.

I am five days in with NO ADDED SUGAR. It's killing me. Okay, not really... but I think a little bit of sugar would make me not feel like nodding off as I sit here writing this. And I am emphasizing the added sugar part. Fruits have sugar. And that is apparently okay in this challenge. Just in moderation. That's what they say about bacon - in moderation.

I think they're nuts.

The small baked goods for tomorrow's Oneg are done. If you go to Congregation Gates of Heaven in Schenectady, tomorrow's potluck will have the following:

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Lemon Genets
  • Butterscotch Cream Cheese Bars
  • Banana Bars (with plenty of chocolate!)
  • plus the sheet cake and challah
I wish I had a bigger kitchen to work in. Don't get me wrong, my kitchen is lovely and has more storage and counter space than previously. But it's still not enough. Oh well... make with what you have, amirite?

Wednesday Workout

Even though I was sick, I still made myself go to the gym. I was thinking it would help force out what ills and make things better. Oh, to dream!

Warm Up:

5 minute AMRAP
10 regular jumping jacks
10 seal jumping jacks
1 Turkish stand up


In 15 minutes complete

40 weighted ring dips
10 rope climbs

In 25 minutes complete

1000m run
80 pistols
60 burpee box jumps
40 kettlebell taters (sort of like a compact Russian swing with a goblet squat)


I ended up doing regular ring dips, which my left elbow is not happy with. My hands are not happy about the rope climbs and they're still hurting from it. I can't do the true rope climb yet, but I start from the ground and pull myself up to standing position.

As for the other workout, I completed it with a couple of minutes to spare. My run was more of a slow jog, which is fine since it was an Endurance WOD. Did a modificed pistol, and thanks to that left elbow I had to modify my burpees. Kettlebell taters are kind of fun... I may do those at home.

Status of My Culinary Education

I've completed my last two labs for Cake Decorating and Food Prep I. I should do a proper write up about it. I have my written final for Cake Decorating next week, and the following night we cover sanitation in Food Prep, along with cleaning some part of the kitchen.

Whew. I made it through those two classes. I think I'll be getting an A in both, but who knows. I liked them, I would like to take more classes. I'm signed up for a class this summer, but I can't sign up for any fall classes. Why?

Because they are full.

Really? Arrrrrgh!

I don't think they do a waitlist at SCCC, because there was no mention of it when I tried to register. I wanted to take Commercial Baking I and American Pastry. Both are earlier in the week, from 5:30 - 9:50. Sure, I guess I can wait... but I would really like to take these classes with people I've been taking classes with. I'm upset, if you can't tell.

Here's the thing... do I really need to take these classes? There are plenty of self taught bakers out there - I could do the same thing. I have the basics. And there's always Youtube. It's cheaper and frees up my time.

Anyways, it's not as if I'm going for a culinary degree. I'm taking these classes because I enjoy them. I'm not trying to make a career out of this. Unless provoked... And I always feel like I'm going to be provoked.

But hmm. One of the classes, my professor is the same as my summer class. So I'll ask if I can be let in to the class. And there are always people who drop out. So I may have a chance. And I would really like that chance.

Because hello... pastry? I am so there.

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