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Monday, April 27, 2015

Finding Ways to Pass the Time

Happy Monday, folks.

Just back from another cafeteria lunch. My stomach is letting me know that it did not approve, but I didn't have time to throw something together this morning. Water logged spiral pasta with a runny meat sauce that had too chunky tomatoes and questionable meat. I also got a side of red potatoes that were tossed in what looked like cherry tomatoes, basil, onion and raisins. Weird combination but it worked. And a hot dog. Don't ask me why... I just do things like that.

I wonder if I have an antacid in my locker.

Tonight is my last official lab in cake decorating. We're covering fondant. The next class after that is either the written final or the lab final. Whichever, I will hopefully be prepared. Tomorrow is the written final for food prep, which I am not prepared for. I was planning on studying that this past weekend, but whoops. Life gets in the way.

I was going to make a separate post about this, but better do it now before I lack the motivation. Met up with my friend S yesterday for brunch. If you have been following this blog then you would know S was my dining partner in crime back in the day. Supper clubs. Getting all the free iced coffee on free iced coffee day. That stuff. Anyways, I moved upstate; he focused on his acting. I mentioned that I was going to be downstate and he inquired about meeting up for brunch. I quickly agreed, even though I was skeptical about brunch options in Rockland. There are places I'm sure, but the one he picked was in a bar. Noonans in Pearl River, to be exact.

Long story short, not going back there again. If you sat at the bar, you got decent service. We sat in the back, but near the bar. Constantly had to flag down the server. S's food was barely lukewarm. My French toast was dry. Bacon was crisp, and probably the only thing positive about my food. Because it was a set price ($27 inc. tax) I just kept ordering bloody mary's to make up for my abysmal meal. S did the same, only he got mimosas... for fun.

To be honest, I wasn't really a fan of that place to get beers anyways. But it's there so I guess that's why people go. And it has such positive reviews on their food. Shame that they may be misguided.

Afterwards we headed up the street to Louie's on the Avenue. I've never been there before, but after checking it out I definitely need to try it. We got some drinks at the bar and chatted with one of S's friends and the owner. I broke a glass... spilled a drink. Can't take me anywhere it seems. S was heading down to Maryland for a couple of shows so we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways.

Didn't get to shop at Costco. They close at six on the weekends. Way too early, if you ask me. But I suppose closing that early allows your workers to you know... enjoy their weekend. I wanted to buy that chopped kale salad!

I hear there were some rumblings about TAP NY. I took a look at the winners and was disappointed.

Brown's won? REALLY?!? My experiences are hit and miss with them. And almost always a miss.

Chatham, Crossroads. Okay, I'll let it slide. But what about the other breweries? Peekskill made no showing? What about Rare Form? I can't really think of other breweries I would have expected to have heard more about but eh mind is blanking right now. And IPA heavy? Good thing I didn't go, since I don't really like IPAs all that much.

But what do I know? My knowledge is from what little things I picked up from M's sister and brother-in-law. Both are certified BJCP judges; they brew; and they help organize the Michigan Homebrew Festival. So it must be legit.

Bleh. Heartburn setting in.

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