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Monday, December 22, 2014

My "What I Want for Christmas, But Will Wait Until After the New Year When it Goes on Sale" List

As the gift giving day rapidly approaches (three more days!), I figured I should make up a list of things that would be nice to have. Do I need these? Not really, but they would be nice to have. In my family we do Secret Santa and many of these popped up on my wish list.

1. Macaron Baking Sheets - No more having to draw circles on parchment paper! And an excuse to bake even more egg white based cookies!

2. Silicone Baking Mats - No, they aren't silpat, but these can take a beating. Not to mention it saves my parchment paper for other things (mostly cakes).

3. Gel Paste Food Color - I have Wilton gel colors at the moment, and they are perfectly fine. Except they are in those itty bitty pots. Squeeze bottles are easier, and (I'm sure it isn't but go with it) more uniform portions if I ever have to repeat creating a color hue.

4. Kitchenaid 5-Qt Stainless Steel Bowl - It's part of the Pringles curse - you can't have just one. It makes sense really, having another bowl to help make baking more efficient. Having another set of hands to help makes things efficient as well, but that isn't on the list.

5. Pouring Shield for Kitchenaid Mixer - It's inevitable that flour/powdered sugar will spill out of the bowl. Should be just a bit. With me, it seems at times like it's a lot. Enough to have me screaming and cursing the baking gods for giving me such bad luck. So I've resorted to slowly stirring by hand. Won't have to do that anymore with this.

6. 7000 Islands: A Food Portait of the Philippines - I'm Filipina and I like cookbooks. That's enough reason.

7. Stainless Steel 6-Wheel Pastry Cutter - Shortcuts. And straight lines. And time saver.

8. Capresso Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder - Years ago I found a Cuisinart coffee grinder on clearance but passed it up because M was making a fuss. To this day I regret leaving the store without it. I want my beans freshly ground. Is that too much to ask? Is it?!?

9. Cards Against Humanity - Come on... it's a fun game. And all the expansion packs!

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