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Monday, November 17, 2014

When the Mind Wanders at 3AM

I got one... maybe two hours of sleep.

And it could be that second hour that ruined my bread.

But then again, I really should stop making bread so late into the evening. It's my second attempt at the sandwich bread from the Bread Bible cookbook. So far it is looking better than what I made the first time. But regardless I have a feeling this will go into the "never bake again" pile. Or maybe I was fooling myself into thinking I had a handle on this bread baking thing.

Along with baking bread I've been doing the food prep I should have done days ago. The leeks I grew in my garden this year will go into some potato leek soup this week. I'll have to remember to make some bread bowls for it.

We're covering cakes in lab this week. I'll be making a chocolate cake with swiss buttercream. And being he overachiever that I am with this class, I'll be making it before class. So today or tomorrow. Not to mention I need to make something from the quick cakes lab that I'll be missing. I've narrowed it down to biscuits or scones. Sweet or savory. Maybe both.

I was contemplating a nap before I'm fully awake, but it's already after 4. Might as well stay up and just get the day going. I've seen it go from steady rain to wet snow. Looks like it's slowing down now.

I don't know where my snow brush is.

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