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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Challah French Toast

One perk of this shift change is that I get a day off during the week. They usually give me Wednesday off, but it changed to Tuesday this week. With this day off, I get to do all the things I can't because I'm stuck at work, and by the time I get out most things are closed. For example, I get to go to the post office to send back this calendar I never ordered; I can go to Tuesday Morning and buy all the Wilton closeout items; and I can make meals I am normally too tired to make when I get home.

Although today's breakfast was all M's doing. This baking class has turned me into a bread making machine and all he asks is that I make a decent sandwich bread. I've tinkered with a few recipes, but I am sticking with the one that is in the textbook (sorry Bread Bible, yours no matter how many times I tried, never came out right). I am also sticking to the challah recipe in my textbook, but the way they explain how to braid the dough is not clear... at least to me. It took a couple of tries, but we figured it out, and I managed a decent looking four braided loaf.

could have just eaten it toasted with butter and jam, but French toast is really the way to go with this bread. I don't know what M's egg and cream ratio was, but it was heavy on the cinnamon and delicious. The bread slices were on the thick side, which I prefer so that it doesn't sop up too much of the egg/cream mixture (it's my egg aversion... I can't help it)

Why use a spatula when you have hands?

The only one who didn't get to nosh on the toast was Stella. Poor girl. 

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Daniel B. said...

Beautiful looking challah. You know, with the challah ends, you can always make challah french toast pancakes.

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