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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Honest Weight Teaching Kitchen: Vegan Baking

 No, I'm not going vegan. But I do like cooking classes and Honest Weight has been holding some very good ones. This vegan baking class was probably the forth or fifth one I've been to. And I'm not stopping either - there's a DIY fire cider class at the end of the month I'm signed up for.
After a brief introduction, the instructor (a HWFC member) got started on the desserts. The first recipe was for chocolate stout cupcakes. In place of eggs, she used egg replacer, which you can buy at the coop for ~6 bucks. Or, you can go onto Pinterest and find a copy recipe of this product. It's really simple - potato starch, tapioca starch, baking powder, and baking soda. Beer used was a chocolate stout, I want to say it was Rogue.
Mixed together you couldn't tell that it was vegan, but that's the whole point... right? While this was baking in the oven the instructor us attendees involved in making the chocolate chip cookies.
Looks good, doesn't it? I think I need to start baking with coconut oil, which is what we used in this recipe.


Here is the finished product. They were okay, but it was obvious there was no egg or dairy used. We made some chocolate frosting but as you can see, it was on the runny side. Someone suggested using vegan marshmallow fluff, which Honest Weight just happens to carry. Worked like a charm!

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