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Friday, March 07, 2014

Sarku Japan Teriyaki & Sushi Express (Paramus, NJ)


I really expected more from this place, I really did. But I should have known better – it is located inside of Bergen Town Center. And while not necessarily in the food court (is there even one at BTC? I’ve never searched out for one), the food presented to me was at food court level. I should have held out and went somewhere else, but it was there and blah blah blah.

I ordered the vegetable & tofu teriyaki ($5.95) which described on the menu board as “served with mixed vegetables” and I could choose white rice, brown rice, or noodles to go with it. I went with noodles by default. I didn’t have to wait long before my number was called and I grabbed my tray. The picture on the board looked nothing like what was in the plastic container in front of me. The main vegetable was cabbage, and a whole lot of it. I understand cabbage is cheap and makes good filler, but come on! Why not chop it a little finer? Throw in some red cabbage? No no no… none of that when it’s food court style. Still had a crunch to it, and had an oily sheen.


As for the tofu, it looked as if it had internally combusted as it was fried and then savagely chopped up. It almost reminds me of the tofu in tokwa’t baboy, except the tofu insides never look that crazy. Doused in what may have been teriyaki sauce, and barely warm. In fact, there were pieces that were cold. What. The. Hell. 


But wait! Before you think their description of the food was misleading, other vegetables were found! Three tiny broccoli florets, and very thin slivers of carrot when put together would make one little thicker slice of carrot. Such a mixture! Such variety! That might even be below food court standards.

Somewhere under there are the noodles, and an average portion. Like the vegetables, it was greasy and tasteless. I barely finished half of it and took it home. Whoever at it, I really do apologize.


The “saving grace” from this visit was the crunchy spicy salmon roll ($4.99). It was listed as a special on the register, but a quick look at the sushi menu revealed that most of their rolls were that price… so not really a special at all. It wasn’t heavy on the mayo like other spicy rolls, which I prefer. They were also very generous with the tempura flakes, which made it very crunchy (another plus). Salmon was fine, although it was cut into small pieces. Gotta stretch what you can, I suppose. Not too bad. If I ever go back (or visit another location) I may just order this.

The teriyaki, sushi, and small drink ($1.89) came out to $13.24 after tax.

Sarku Japan Teriyaki and Sushi Express
Bergen Town Center
2701 Bergen Mall
Paramus, NJ 07562
(201) 880-6551

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