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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Post Nap Surprise


“Oh… you’re up.”

Not really the thing to say when you are suddenly woken up by a lunging pup. I can’t really hold it against her… she’s a cutie.

While I was having a much needed snooze fest, M took it upon himself to clean up the kitchen and try his hand at baked goods. It’s not from scratch, but I really can’t hold that against him.


“It’s not really good,” he started to say as I walked into the kitchen. He then went on to explain all the reasons why these muffins were a failure – sticking to the wrappers, not sure if the directions were followed correctly, and well… the stuff was old. A few months past the “use by” date. Not that an expiration date as ever stopped me before. And besides, the kitchen smelled really good.

The muffin did stick to the wrapper, but it was still pretty warm. Taste wise, it was pretty bland. Maybe on the verge of banana bread like. But with no banana, so that’s a bit of a stretch. The topping was a weird powdery mess, but it looked nice enough. Hard as a rock and possibly tooth chipping.

So what box mix was responsible?


I don’t even remember buying it, but I’m sure it was on sale and figured I’d give it a try. It would be better if you doctor the mix and forgo the topping it comes with. You can do better.

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