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Monday, January 13, 2014

Giving In (Sort Of)

I am by no means a coffee snob, but I do know what I like. And I like my coffee brewed in a percolator. There's just something with its gurgles and hisses that I just find soothing. Free coffee is scarce at work, so I usually bring a thermos of coffee along with my full travel mug. But that is when I remember to prep the perc or get up early enough to make some coffee.

The ladies locker room was recently bequeathed a Keurig. Now, I respect people who own these things and lovethemtodeath, but I just don't think it makes a good cup of coffee. But it's quick and the clean up is self-contained. So I  relented and picked up a box. For emergencies only. And I sure am not going to like it.
Now if we only had half & half...

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