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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moons Over My Pie-y Cake

Something happened yesterday that has not happened in a very long time.

I was phone-less.


I plugged it into the charger while running around getting things ready for the day. Ran out the door and remembered I didn't have my phone as I was exiting 787. Not that it really mattered... it was a busy day at work, but it was weird.

M, being the nice guy he is, brought it in when he came in for work.

I am pretty sure this would not have happened if I had decided not to bring a cake into work.

Monday was my co-worker's actual birthday, but I thought it would be nice if I made something to celebrate. I'm still pretty new here and still in the "getting to know you" phase of it all. One of the gifts co-worker received was a tote full of pinwheel cookies.

"I know Moon Pies are your favorite, but I figured this would be close to it."

Well, that was easy. I looked up recipes for moon pie cakes, and settled on one from the Serious Eats website. Go on, look it up. It didn't seem that hard, but making marshmallow frosting seemed daunting. Still, I was up for the challenge. I printed out the recipe and headed to the store after work.

Because of my interest in cakes of late, I had most of the ingredients at home. I grabbed more butter (amazing how much of this stuff I go through!), dark chocolate, unflavored gelatin, and graham flour. Did you know that graham flour is a type of whole wheat flour? I didn't, which would explain why I had such a hard time finding the stuff. The other shoppers must have thought I was nuts walking up and down that aisle trying to find graham flour. But I found it, and after cleaning up the kitchen from M's most recent round of renovations, I started on the cake.


Mix the dry ingredients together, mix the wet ingredients together, and then mix them all together. I was contemplating swapping out the AP flour with cake flour, but I didn't want to risk messing up the thing. The addition of whole wheat flour (and I guess the brown sugar plays into it as well) will darken the batter, and gives it that graham cracker coloring I'm used to. Maybe whole wheat flours do that in general - I don't work with the stuff very often.

The recipe calls for the use of two 9-inch round pans, but a taller cake, so I used an 8-inch pan and collared it. I probably filled it a little over half, and had enough batter left over for six cupcakes. Placed both in the oven and went back to some Netflix watching. The cupcakes were done in about 30 minutes. The middle of the cake was still a bit fluid, needed another 25 minutes or so before it was done. Left the cake out in the sun room to cool and went to sleep.

Marshmallow Frosting

Because it is marshmallow, I figured the best time to make it would be the following morning. Which meant four in the morning wake up. Crazy, yes... but I was determined to make this an amazing cake!

After making this frosting, I think it's safe to say making marshmallows shouldn't be too hard. You just have to get over the fear of piping hot sugar flying at you. Wear long sleeves and it's not a problem. And maybe glasses.

While the sugar/water mixture was coming to a boil, I leveled and torted the cake. I may have been a tad too generous with the cake spray, because the cake seemed pretty greasy. I started making this with the hand mixer, but it was taking much longer than the recipe stated. So into the stand mixer the frosting went and soon after I had what looked like fluff. Placed the first cake layer on the cake circle and a generous amount of the frosting. Smoothed it out to the edges and placed the second caker layer and more frosting. I need to work some more on my icing technique, but for a pretty crumby cake I did pretty well. I was going to add more of the frosting, but it started to set so I quickly dusted a small pan with corn starch (that's what you use, right?) and spread the remainder in there. Put the cake back in the sun room to set while I worked on the chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Drip

Pretty simple enough - heavy cream and corn syrup heated to a simmer then mix in chocolate. I gave it a shower/getting ready for the day length of time to cool down before pouring over the cake. It was still pretty runny because not only did it spill over the side of the cake, but also off the cake board and onto the turntable. Cleaned up as best I could and boxed it up. Dishes were left for M.


There are no pictures in this post. Because I didn't have my phone. See how it all ties in? The co-worker with a birthday liked it, and others mentioned that it did remind them of a Moon Pie. Success! I dropped a slice off in M's department and he shared it with his co-workers. He didn't tell me what he thought about it.

I can't tell  you what I thought about it, because I haven't tried it. I like the baking and giving them away to people, but I don't want to actually eat these things. Not that it's diet reasons. I think I'm starting to lose my sweet tooth. But there is one slice left. And it's waiting for me.

I'll have to get back to you on what I think of it.


Jon in Albany said...

I was surprised at how much an offset spatula helps ice things. If you don't have one, forward this to M and I bet you get one next week.

Lilimonster said...

I have an offset spatula. Two actually, thanks to these classes I've purchased a lot of cake related items.It's more technique - only let the icing touch the cake, not quickly pull the spatula up when icing an area, etc. Those increase the chance of crumbs in the icing. And lining the pans with parchment make for more crumbs. Could have brushed them off, but that's messy and I kind of forgot.

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