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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cookie Decorating Class at the Library

In the ongoing City Wars, Troy has shown once again why it's better than Albany -
Free cookie decorating classes.
At the library.
Thanks to a program called The Community Art$Grant from The Arts Center of the Capital Region (and the New York State Council on the Arts), the Lansingburgh branch is holding free arts & crafts workshops for the public. Sadly, I found out too late for some classes (Embroidery, Zumba), but I was able to sign up for cookie and small cake decorating classes taught by Becky from Sweet Sues here in Troy.
You sign up online, and all you need walking in there is a sugar craving and big imagination. Becky was great, and demonstrated how to use Royal icing and some designs before the group went and made their own Halloween themed cookies. Supplies were limited (understandable, considering budget restraints and holding the class in a library instead of the bake shop), so people were walking over to the other tables asking to borrow a color.
Working with the icing was a lot more difficult than I thought it would. Those cooks on tv make it seem so easy... but in reality what should have been smooth lines turned into shaky squiggles. The pressure I applied to the bag kept changing, so the thickness varied. I know now that I should probably prop something against my wrist so I can have a steadier hand when outlining.
I waited until M got home a few hours later before we dove into my creations. The sugar cookie/Royal icing pairing was way too sweet for me. I think I'll need to use a butter or not-so-sweet sugar cookie when I make some in the future. And trust me, I will. I gotta work on my icing skills.
Next Tuesday Becky will be teaching the small cake decorating class, but as mentioned before, due to limited supplies she's thinking it will most likely be cupcake decorating. Which is completely fine by me - I am all about the free learning. You can still sign up for the class - just head on over to this link and sign up!
See you there!

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