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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kay’s Pizza (Burden Lake, NY)


Now it may be a bit presumptuous, but I have had the unofficial official best pizza of the summer. If there was a tournament for seasonal pizza, this would take the cake. If it were running for office, I would sign up and volunteer… you get my point. I like their pizza.

And all it took was a holiday to finally get me to try it.


If you grew up around here, then surely you heard about Kay’s. Heck, you may have even gone there for dinner after a long day at the lake! I only learned of it’s existence when a former co-worker had mentioned they were open for the season. I added that to my “places to check out” list and promptly forgot about it. Until one of M’s co-workers had brought up Kay’s with him, and insisted we try their pizza. We had to stay local for the 4th, all the more reason to make a trip out to Burden Lake.

And when I say trip, it is a trip. Driving out there seemed to take forever, and the hills and bends in the road were making the car ride not pleasant. You’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for the signs – there were a few that were hidden behind branches. Going back, the ride seemed like nothing… so who knows? Maybe or next trip back will be quicker.

Kay’s has been around since the late 1950’s, and before that was a hotel. Control of the restaurant has changed hands over the years, and in 2004 the building underwent a renovation. There’s the main dining area where we were seated, and in the next room is the bar with a dining area, and a very small game area. All the take out was done at the bar, and it was a pretty regular scene of seeing people walk out the screen doors with a stack of pizza boxes. The main dining area has plenty of windows, which were all open to allow the breezes off the lake to come in and help circulate the air. Unfortunately, the humidity on the 4th was oppressive and no amount of winds off the lake was helping correct that.


We ordered a pitcher of Sierra Nevada IPA. I am slowly working my way back to liking IPAs. You can order full and half-pitchers, which we found out only after our pitcher was brought to the table. And it’s not like we could send it back and ask for the half. Where would that beer go? Beer abuse!


Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I’m near a body of water I am so inclined to have seafood. Even if that said body of water most likely does not contain the seafood I consume. It must be something about the presence of a shoreline; the breezes that come off the water, that pulls at my seafood-y heart strings. Also, I noticed a few tables had ordered the steam clams and I got suckered in.

A dozen Rhode Island Little Necks cost about eight dollars and comes with melted butter. Melted salted butter. The clams didn’t seem too overcooked, and were delicious. Did not receive a full dozen clams, as you can see the one on the right was just filled with broken shells and sand and dirt. Boo.


Ordered some breadsticks, but forgot to ask for extra sauce. They just don’t give you enough, especially  if you’re one who likes an even distribution of sauce to bread. M and I quickly scarfed these down.


Finally, the main reason why we made the drive there – pizza. There are two sizes, a twelve inch medium (8 cut) and a fourteen inch large (12 cut). The dough is made in house and is rolled out by hand. Their sauce, which according to their menu they are famous for, has some substance to it and seasoned perfectly. No cheese blends here, just straight up mozzarella. And they don’t skimp out on the cheese, you get a very generous portion. 

Here’s what I liked the best – my first bite had crunch. Even with all that sauce and cheese, the center of the pie wasn’t soggy. I wonder if the trays they serve their pizzas on have anything to do with keeping the center crispy. I’d like to think they do.


Kay’s was voted best pizza in this year’s Times Union Best of the Capital Region poll. And I see why – I loved that pizza. So much so that I kept telling people about my pizza for a few days after. Mind you we just ordered a regular cheese, so I can’t vouch for their toppings or specialty pies… not to mention the rest of their menu. But it gives me an excuse to go back and try them out. 

Kay’s Pizza
10 Walsh Lane
Averill Park, NY 12018
(518) 674-5413

Open Monday – Thursday 4:00-10:00
Friday – Saturday 4:00-11:00
Sunday 3:00-9:00

Credit cards accepted

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Everything they serve there is good. I always get the steamers and pizza though. So yummy!

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