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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Basil City Has Closed

I was driving past Basil City on Sunday when I noticed a sign on the door. I figured it was going to mention that the store was closed for a summer vacation.
Turns out that vacation is permanent.
Now, I have no idea how long that sign has been on the door. But in the note, the "economy + hard times" were the main reasons why they had shut down. They may have also mentioned thanking their customers for their patronage, I can't recall.
Basil City was always on my list of places to check out, as it was on my way home from work. But it seemed every time I drove past, the place was empty. Other than the write up done by All Over Albany (and maybe a spattering of food bloggers), I really haven't heard much about the place. You would think the location (near RPI and by a hospital) would have been great for business. But looking at Yelp reviews, they perhaps needed to focus more on their food and service.  
Tack that onto the list of "places that didn't cut it." I hear a few places over at City Station made the list as well.


-R. said...

There's a lot of healthy competition for the student dollar on that stretch of 15th. Your food had better be superlative - there's wasn't, and word travels quickly. Capitalism, ya know.

-R. said...

Sorry. That should have been theirs. Mea culpa.

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