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Monday, April 08, 2013

A Good Cut


I've cut my hair really short only once before, and while I liked it, the cut didn't really suit my face. So I toughed it out, and for the next decade or so kept the hair length anywhere from just below the ears to just below the shoulder blades. Which is fine, but a major pain in the butt.

Tuesday I was going through my e-mail at work when I decided to cut my hair. I looked through Pinterest and saved the photos I would need to show the stylist exactly what I wanted my hair to look like. Normally I go over to Paul Mitchell in Schenectady, but that is a long drive. So I called up Austin's in Albany to make an appointment. 

I've never been to Austin's before, but I'll definitely go back. My appointment was with one of the students, but after I explained I wanted a short cut, her teacher Mrs. Williams took over. And let me just say she did a  fantastic job. She cut it perfectly and it is so low maintenance... I just love it. 

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