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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sneaky, Sneaky


As I’ve briefly mentioned before, the Lenten season lasts for forty-six days, with only forty counting. I never really cared about the days before, because Lent was Lent and you waited until you could have what you gave up. But then a priest (of all people!) told me that Sundays don’t count. Gimme days, so to speak. Not that I’ve used them.
Until today.
I had finished my volunteer gig and I was on my way home. I wasn’t planning on it, but I went to the Asian Supermarket to take a quick look around to see if there might be something I might need to pick up for dinner. And then I saw they had the steamed pork buns. Chicken buns. And they looked really good. And of course I was starving, so I ordered a few. And as we all know, it’s a ten dollar minimum in order to use plastic, so I went with roast pork fried rice. And at $7.55 I was thinking it had better be good.
And it was. Pricey, but good. The steamed buns were amazing, as usual – but the pork ones were maybe slightly more fatty than normal. Fatty but delicious… and so very naughty.
I’ll admit I was feeling guilty about it. But it’s Sunday! It’s my gimme day! Rest assured, it was all gone before midnight.

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