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Friday, March 01, 2013

Less Mess, More Work?

Holy cow... it's March already! And admittedly, I was hoping to write more on this, but that just isn't happening. Oh well. Try again I suppose.

The other day I stopped over at Wendy's while out on errands. Something light, but of course with french fries. They've switched over to the sea salt, but I don't really see a difference. What is new are the packets of ketchup. Normally I just don't get one... and once in a blue moon they'll ask if I want any. But this night was special. As I was blindly reaching in for the fry container, I felt a small container next to it. Thinking they had put a sauce in by mistake, I was surprised by this. Not like your usual packets, it has a solid container. But it was made for dipping. Which I would have done, were I not eating while driving.

Cute though.

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