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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Lunch @ Bistro Filipino (Blauvelt,NY)


Guess who turned eighty-one today? This pretty lady did! Now we normally just celebrate at home, but my uncle decided that we’d leave the cooking to someone else. He decided on Bistro Filipino, one of two Filipino restaurants left in Rockland County (as far as I know, anyways). I’ve never been there before, but I have heard good things about the place.

Surprisingly my parents and I were the first ones there. Oh, that Filipino time! Being early has its benefits, like picking your seat. Bistro Filipino is pretty small – our party took up half the dining area, and even that was pretty tight.


The menu was already planned out before we got there, but it was your typical fare. Lots of grilled meats, grilled seafood, chicharon, pancit, sinigang, and lots of rice. There were some other dishes, but I don’t remember because they had meat in them and I’m still meatless. The bangus above I ate almost all of, and had a good serving of pinakbet. There was probably pork in that, but what I don’t see…. yeah.


A glimpse of the other half of the table. As usual, all the kids sat on one end… the adults on the other. Only now the kids are older and had their girlfriends/boyfriends in tow. And if they’re new to the world of family parties, they go through the process of awkward small talk, followed by playful teasing, and lots of “you should try this!” 


As if we didn’t order enough food, a few of us got dessert. Both my sister and I got halo-halo, a shaved ice dish drenched in sweetened milk and topped with flan, ube, and ube ice cream. Underneath that layer of ice was a mixture of sweetened beans, tapioca balls, and I’m pretty sure crispy rice. I don’t know why I ordered this, because I actually don’t like halo-halo. At least when shaved ice is used. Now if it was ice cream, it would be a different story.


The birthday cake came from Red Ribbon, a Filipino bakery in Jersey City. It was okay, but after the halo-halo I wasn’t in a cake mood.

I’ll have to go back there after Easter and see how it is. I already have crispy pata on the list. Mmmm… fried pork.

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