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Saturday, February 02, 2013


So long ago when I started blogging and didn't know any better, I uploaded all my pictures online and linked them to my posts. I did that for a good... three years perhaps? And where did I upload all these pictures to?


Because I didn't know any better. And at that point Facebook was all the rage, so myspace was relegated to storage. And then it changed... or reset... whatever. And the three years of photos?


Somewhere wandering in that vast abyss called the "internet." It's probably hitched a ride with some passing cloud and hoping for the best. And damn that photo collection for not charging its phone! Can't call and find out where the hell it is. Can't geo-locate with GPS. Hell, it can't even charge the damn thing because they forgot the cable and its a regular usb hookup... in the land of iphones!

GAH. I've got 99 photos but I can't find one. Online.

Anyways. Out of my system. Anyways. One of these days, when I actually have free time, I will have to search through some old hard drives to see if I can find these pictures. Hopefully I did save them to a hard drive and did not foolishly depend on myspace actually keeping it there.

JT, grumpy cat is coming your way.

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