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Monday, January 28, 2013

PHOTO ESSAY: 555 Supermarket (Jersey City, NJ)


If you ever find yourself on Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City, I suggest you stop in at the 555 Supermarket. It’s the place my grandparents do the majority of their shopping at, so it’s gotta be good… right? On their website they claim to be the “most convenient Asian supermarket.” I’m not too sure about that – it seems like a pain to me.

The following are photos I took on my recent visit. You can’t really compare it to the Asian markets we have up here, but I like 555’s layout better.

But some thoughts before the photo onslaught:

1. I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty in the past of sampling at the store. But it was a grape, and I wasn’t really thinking about pesticides, just if they were sweet. But apples? Who samples apples… at a store no less? And that sign is in both English and Tagalog. As for the doubling in price if you break ginger… what if I didn’t break that ginger, and it was in fact already broken? Do I pay the price for someone else’s ginger breaking tendencies? I didn’t take a look at the receipt, but I’m sure it was fine.

2. The produce is pretty much in own building, and the perishables are in a walk in cooler of sorts. Clean, organized, and the complete opposite of the markets in Chinatown. Signs are clearly marked and some of them even have a picture so you know which vegetable its referring to. Very smart! I wish the stores up here had their varieties…

3. One of the freezer cases is dedicated to frozen fish balls. A mix and match of sorts, which is both crazy and awesome. I didn’t really get a good look at the signs, but I distinctly remember saying to my sister, “are… you… serious?!?” The new things you find at this store, I tell ya.

4. There was no offending odors coming from the seafood or meat sections. Take note, Asian Supermarket.

5. Their “food court” is this tiny thing, but the foods that come from it are pretty darn good.

6. They sell apples that are as big as pomelos, I kid you not.

7. Emulate, upstate. EMULATE.

















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