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Monday, January 07, 2013

My Secret Santa Gift: Nike+ Sportband

Secret Santa strikes again! I already knew that M was my SS, but I told him he didn't have to get me anything. But because nobody else knew that I knew (but they should have known since I was responsible for drawing their names) I posted my three wishes on our group page. A lens which turned out costing more than the fifty dollar limit; a Cuisinart burr mill; and the Nike+ sport band.

I posted them, and immediately forgot all about it. After all, I told M he didn't have to bother.

But he got it for me anyways... what a fella!

Now it's not one of my new years resolutions to start running, nor be healthy. I just get into moods... and right now my mood is all about diet and exercise. And I've done well so far - I rarely drink soda now and I am slowly having my coffee sugar free. Not too meat heavy, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

As for the sport band, back in the day I used to use Nike+ on my nano. But I lost the sensor and upgraded my mp3 player... so that was it for tracking my runs. Then I got the Nike+ app, which I sort of used when I was training for the Turkey Trot. I could have just stuck with that, but there are times I just want to run without worrying my phone might fall.

So far, so good. I still need to calibrate it, but that isn't too important. I also like that it doubles as a watch and I don't get paranoid about banging it into something.

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