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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A NYE Question For My Reader(s)

M's sister and husband are coming out to ring in the new year in the Empire state. They are also bringing his 14 year old daughter and a friend.

Here is my quandry - I have no fraking clue what to do with the teenagers. Moving into that realm of adulthood beyond the immature twenties, I just can't relate. Is the roller rink an appropriate venue for someone in that age range? Or is it more mall ratting?

And aside from First Night in Saratoga, are there things to do on NYE that can be fun for the adults as well as the kids? All the places that interest me are laced with alcoholic indulgences (which I won't get to enjoy because of course I'm sober D), and will most likely not let teenagers in.

If you know of anything, send them my way. Thanks a bunch, and I hope your presents kick butt.

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Jon in Albany said...

My experience maxes out with 8/9 year olds. Not sure if it would be too blue, but one of the comedy events might work. You could check out the comedians on YouTube to get a feel for their acts. Or you could just stay home and show them all the cool things your new mixer can do...

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