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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Popeyes: An Impulse Purchase

I get all sorts of crazy thoughts in this noggin of mine. Today it was fried chicken. I don't know why... maybe I was out somewhere and I could smell it... and I didn't really eat so it made the want for chicken through the roof. 

Could I have made some myself? Of course... I got hands, I've got a fryer. It's doable. But that means cooking it, which means time and getting my hands dirty. Flying Chicken was also an option, but out of the way a bit and I'd have to wait. And I really don't like waiting. Drive-thru is horrible, and slightly expensive, but quick. So I went to Popeyes. Three piece dinner with cajun fries and a side of rice and beans for another 99 cents.

I was able to finish 2/3ds of this meal before I was full. Pretty greasy, but that's to be expected from fried chicken. I will say the chicken wasn't dry, which is a plus. I ordered it spicy and there was no spiciness at all. Fries were on the limp side and slightly cold by the time I started eating them. Biscuit was decent for fast food biscuits. KFC's tend to be pretty tough.

I'm pretty sure I won't be going back there again. Or if I do, it'll be a long time from now. I don't know... I just felt really guilty buying from there. It's as if I'm being a traitor to my hood's Kennedy Fried Chicken.

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