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Thursday, November 22, 2012

My First 5k

My non-running butt finished a 5k. And not too shabby, I might add - finished 33:45. I thought it would take longer than that. 

Things I learned from this:

  1. Bring hat and gloves. I was freezing walking to the starting line and for a mile in. Plus, I could have tucked a tissue in there... I was worried I'd get a runny rose because it was Especially in the shade.
  2. Know where you need to start. M and I started at the back of the gold group/beginning of the white group. This definitely was not where we needed to be. The first 1/4 mile was spent walking behind large groups of people, slow joggers, children, etc. Even once we were running, we were still dodging people left and right up until the finish line.
  3. Pace yourself. This takes practice, but it's something you should be able to better gauge after a few trial runs.
  4. Bring hat and gloves. Seriously. I was freezing.

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Jon in Albany said...

Well done. I was going to run a private 5k last night but my brother arrived a little early. I saw him drive past me so it was just a 4.5k. I knew you would break the 40 minute barrier. You crushed it.

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