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Monday, November 12, 2012

Attack of the Oddly Shaped Carrots

I hope you all enjoyed the day folks. I worked, not that I'm complaining. M and his federal butt got to spend most of the day outside, raking leaves and preparing the garden for the winter. I bought a few bulbs of garlic to plant and we finally got around to doing that tonight.

We left a few plants in the vegetable beds, mostly because they are handling the cold temperatures well. There's a bunch of carrots and it's only today when I really harvest them. And I only harvested half of it - saving it for a dinner later this week. I also pulled up all of the beets, which were tiny things.

The carrots were the winners of the night, even if they look weird. I think it had to do with my not thinning them out as they were growing. 

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