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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Run Gobble Gobble

Not necessarily a food related topic, but it is about me trying to be involved locally. The Troy Turkey Trot will be here before you know it... and I am running it.

Holy crap.

This isn't something I thought to do on my own. Oh no, no, no. I don't run. I have a bum knee, and I try my best to stick to low impact exercise. But M convinced me this would be a good thing. That and one of our neighbors will be running and there is much trash talking to be had. I've been playing it off, saying I'll make it up to The Ale House and call it a day, or have co-workers planted along the course with not water, but beer to keep me going. Hardy har har.

But no, I'm making a serious effort to be serious. I started my training last week, loosely following 5k training schedules. I've also downloaded Couch to 5k apps to help improve my run. TTT has a virtual training program you can sign up for (I have), and you'll get weekly emails about running, injury prevention, and I guess nutrition.

Currently, my only obstacle is my knee. I've noticed it starts acting up when I hit that first mile, and always during a run part. Slowing down and walking helps of course, but I have also found if I punch the side of my knee it helps make the pain go away as well. Kind of like when the Fonz would hit the jukebox to make it play. Yes, I know it's a bad thing to do, and I do have a wrap for my knee that should help support it, but I also forget to actually put it on. Very inconvenient. 

So yeah, I'm running this thing. And hopefully I do decent. I'm not expecting an amazing run time, but if I can finish this thing in less than 40 minutes I'd be quite pleased with myself.

How about you? Interested in running 3.10686 miles with not only me, but bunches more? Or hell, you can run with me, pseudo group style. There's the 5k, 10k, kiddie run, and a walk. So many choices! If you want to sign up, head on over to the Troy Turkey Trot site. And while you're there and need some help training for it, sign up for the virtual program.

45 days to go!


Jon in Albany said...

When I was in my teens, running was something you did if you were being chased. Now...I've been building up to run a 5k. It's crazy what a 40th birthday can do. Relatively recently, I managed to run 5k around my neighborhood (including a few good hills). Up until then, the only other times I had gone the distance were on flat treadmill.

Like you, I have a knee issue. It dates back to a car accident in the 90s. I'm fine for a mile and a half, them my right knee hurts. Pain stops when I stop running. A physical therapist has helped a lot. After one of my last visits, I had no knee problems while jogging for 2 weeks, then it crept back. I have a handful of stretches I am doing daily now and hopefully they do the trick.

I'd love to be able to join you in the Turkey Trot but I cook Thanksgiving Dinner and I'm not really free that morning. I was thinking of trying the Last Chance 5k in Albany. I don't know why, but I want a 5k t-shirt.

I'm sure you will beat 40 minutes. I did and I wouldn't call what I do running. I like the Sports Tracker app. If you turn the gps on, it keeps track of your distance and time. Also keeps a runners log.

Good luck. And forget trash talk. Leave donuts in front of your neighbor's door.

Troy Turkey Trot said...

Good luck with your running! We know you'll do great. Let us know if there's any help we can provide along the way.

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