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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pie Season

"Don't forget to bring the pie home today, okay?"

Recently a co-worker went apple picking with his wife at a nearby orchard. I asked what she planned on making and he answered matter of fact, "a pie, of course." Considering she just moved here from another country... one where making apple pies isn't a common occurrence, I was curious how it would turn out.

Holy moly, was this pie good! It was an apple crumb, a pie I'm not that big into, but this may have changed me on them. A nice thick layer of apples, the filling was moist and not overly sweet. It almost tasted as if it was a caramel apple pie. Could you imagine? A caramel apple pie? Me want. NOW.

M and I fought over the remaining slices. We tried our best to be equal, but it's hard when the pie was so good.

I think I'll have to find out that recipe.

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