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Friday, September 07, 2012

A Little Peeved


There are all these great food related events going on. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic and right up my alley. But I feel like they’re neglecting a group of the population, a group that M is a part of – vegetarians.

Exhibit A - The Chefs Consortium Dinner at Bannerman Island Castle:

  • Chilled corn and crab bisque with tarragon crème fraiche
  • Northwind Farms turkey ballotine with pipian sauce, corn and butternut squash salsa

Exhibit B - 100-point Beer Dinner at Mcgreivey’s:

  • Jamaican oxtail stew with butter beans and fried plantains
  • Crab cocktail with mango sabayon over Bibb lettuce
  • Chicken Etoufee with fried oysters and dirty rice

And then there are the wild game dinners, Baconfest, I’m sure this “Taste of Elegance” thing coming up will be more of the same. And don’t even get me started on our eating situation when we attempt to go out.

Plenty of things for me to devour, but hardly anything for M. And before I would ignore it, and just think, “oh well, that means more for me!” But that’s selfish thinking.

Well I’m taking a stand. More vegetarian friendly dinners! Show our veggie loving friends that they too can come to the dinner table… and have some really awesome beers paired with it.

Vegetarian dinner with beer pairings.

Someone. Please. Make this happen. And if you do, I’ll be first on line.


M said...


M said...

I would also like to mention that I wouldn't go to McGreivey's anyway, even though the 100 Point beers would be delicious. Last time I was there the nice waitstaff stole my and my co-worker's credit card information.. and at least a dozen more from what I was hearing from the claims department.

Jon in Albany said...

I'd bet the chefs would have treated a vegetarian properly with some notice. I was at Mingle last week. The hostess offered a vegetarian menu and a gluten free menu before seating us. The place is a little pricey, probably cheaper without meat, but we enjoyed the meal.

Daniel B. said...

You are right.
I've got an idea.
We should talk.

Unknown said...

Schenectady County Community College has course dinners at their culinary cafeteria all the time, more of the same. Until this year.... Oct 1 they had the Vegetarian dinner. Sadly though, none of the other events have enough vegetarian offerings to maneuver the whole dinner choice.

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