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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Trader Joe'd

I was going to wait a little longer than I did, but I got back from the city Sunday at a decent time so I figured a drive down Wolf Road wouldn't hurt. But not before shopping at another store first. Which store? You'll see soon enough. 

I didn't take any pictures of the store itself, but they almost all look the same. I was worried the place would be a driving nightmare, but it wasn't bad at all. The police directing traffic really helped things run smoothly and I was lucky to find a spot quite easily. I left through the back and saw that people had parked over behind Panera and there was a road that connected the TJ parking lot to the Colonie Center loop. So, if you want to avoid the traffic, turn into the mall and head for the far Macy's parking lot. If you're on Wolf Road you can turn onto Sand Creek Road and enter the mall that way, avoiding the headache inducing left turn.

It wasn't the madhouse I had imagined it to be, but the empty shelves I thought I would see were there. Some of the sold out food items included soft white bread and tortilla chips... possibly all varieties. The store wasn't mobbed, but there were people standing around and staring. Understandable when it's your first visit, but it was burdensome as I had to do some dodge and weave exercises to get some items. Had I known I would have stretched first.

Checkout was quick but a little confusing. So you drop your cart off on one side and then stand on the other.  I don't remember doing that at other stores, but then again, I also remember someone taking my things when I got to the front of the line. The lady in front of me had mentioned that she was just there the day before and just had to come back. Looks like TJ's found themselves a new fan.

Lucky for me their opening coincided with my upcoming vacation. So while I'm off in the great outdoors, you'll have some TJ related posts to keep you busy. Just some mini-reviews... nothing fancy.

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