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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shame On You, Panera

I like you Panera, I really do. But sometimes you make me wonder.

Take this for example. I was over in East Greenbush and figured I'd stop in and have a cup of coffee while I did some reading. It's one of my favorite things to do when I visit a Panera - all the coffee I can tolerate. So I'm there on line about to order my coffee when I think "Hmm. It's getting to be dinner time. Maybe I should get something to eat. How about a You Pick Two? I've always liked those."

The soup was fine, as they usually are. But this thing here. This lousy excuse for a sandwich... this was horrible! It's the butt end of a loaf of bread. I really don't think they ran out of bread - they could have cut into another loaf. But no... whoever was working that end of the line got lazy and cut up the smallest piece of bread they could find and give it to a customer. They took a crap piece and cut it in half!


I've learned my lesson - no more ordering sandwiches from Panera. The prices get bigger, and their portions get smaller.

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Daniel B. said...

What are we looking at here? I don't get to Panera much.

Is this the case of the incredible shrinking sandwich? Will this be the straw that pushes you away from convenient mediocrity forever? ;^)

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