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Monday, August 13, 2012


Two of my co-workers resigned recently, and we decided to throw them a going away luncheon. I was asked to make lumpia, but decided against that, since they would be cold and oil heavy by the time the party started. So I made empanadas. They're easier, and can be eaten both hot and cold (although it is better warm).

The recipe is simple, and if I had the actual recipe in front of me, you would have it to read and make for yourself. But it's somewhere in one of books on the shelf. And that's all the way downstairs. Too. Much. Work. This is what I can remember off the top of my head. Measure it out as you choose.

Meatloaf mix
Onions, small dice
Garlic, minced
Carrots, small dice
Soy sauce
Salt & Pepper
Pre-made pie crust, or any flaky dough of your choosing

In a pot cook onions, garlic, and carrots until soft. Add meat and cook, breaking up large pieces. When cooked through, add raisins, salt and pepper. Cover, cook for a few minutes. Add soy sauce and pinch of sugar. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary. Drain well.

Unroll pie dough and cut out circles - larger ones means more filling but fewer empanadas, smaller is less filling but more empanadas. Add meat, fold dough in half. You can fancy crimp or use a fork. Brush the tops with an egg wash and bake 350 degrees until golden brown.

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