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Monday, May 21, 2012

99 Cent Coffee

I've seen the ads for their 99 cent coffee around, and finally got the chance to try some yesterday. Things to know:

1. The coffee isn't cold. It was lukewarm when I poured it into my cup. It was only after I filled it that I saw the sign about getting ice from the "Chill Zone" to add to my drink for the cool effect. So scope the scene out... know where the location of the ice dispenser is and add ice to your liking.

2. The flavor machine is pretty cool. You can add up to three different flavors, pick the appropriate drink size, and it will dispense the proper amount. Only problem with it that is that you can't pick the same flavor more than once in a shot dispenserary frame. You'd have to go through the process three times. A little too much work if you're grabbing a drink to go.

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