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Friday, February 03, 2012

Healthy Beginnings


So I’ve started to take steps to be healthier. I got a membership at a local center and have been running/swimming/loosely hitting the weight room. I’ve also been eating oatmeal in the mornings – I’ve remedied that stale steel oat issue and bought a few pounds of oats from Honest Weight. I also picked this up, since it was on sale. I’m not really a cereal person, and hot cereal… well, doesn’t sound all that appealing. But it’s healthy, so why not, give it a go.

Cooking is a snap. There are directions, but I don’t really follow them. Mix enough water with the oats to your liking and cook in the microwave. I usually set cook time for two minutes, but there’s a lot of pausing to stir the oatmeal and prevent it for spilling out of the bowl. Sprinkle some brown sugar and allow it to cool down enough so it doesn’t burn your mouth.

It’s not bad, and surprisingly very filling. I’ve been eating this in the early afternoons, when work slows down a bit. And since it is winter, warm food is always a good thing.

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Jon in Albany said...

I like adding maple syrup to mine. My uncle nukes his with a ripe banana. It kind of melts in there. I've been trying to eat healthier too. It's hard to do. Maybe I'll pick some up and keep it at work.

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