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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

If there's one thing I love about Thanksgiving, it's all the leftovers you need to consume for the next week or so. My sister and brother-in-law came out for the holiday weekend to spend some time enjoying the finer things the east coast has to offer -- namely, lots of beer.

Oh yeah, and we had Thanksgiving dinner, too. I decided it'd be nice to do something for all the poor Mexicans that weren't able to celebrate our holiday, so in lieu of a turkey -- which also happens to not be vegetarian (you can look it up if you don't believe me) -- I made an assortment of Mexican dishes to snack on. My family was a bit more adventurous, as well as drunk by the time we got around to it, so for our main course we had Thanksgiving pizza.

Allegedly my sister has a kick-ass recipe for pizza dough. Maybe it was the booze, or maybe just her knack for not giving a shit, but she just threw a bunch of things together and we wound up with something that was perhaps the most edible part of the entire meal. This dough was smothered in gravy (sauce), covered in mashed potatoes (cheese), and topped with chicken (our turkey substitute, playing the part of meat), stuffing, and brussel sprouts (pepperoni and what-have-you). This was then brought out into the backyard and lit on fire over some charcoal.

We also made a green bean casserole pizza, made in much the same way as the above except using cream of mushroom soup for the sauce, green beans, fried onions, and roasted red peppers for the toppings. This was definitely more appealing than the thanksgiving pizza. Or maybe that was the booze. Either way, these things quickly found their way into the dog bowl the next morning, leaving just the foggy memory of the abomination we created. (Anyone ever see The Human Centipede? Yeah, something like that.)

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