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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kilawing Kambing

We may not have had turkey, but goat was the key player of the night's dishes - caldareta (meat stew), papaitan (offal and bile soup), and kilawin (ceviche style meat and offal).

The goat kilawin caused a bit of a debate, since kilawin is traditionally made with seafood. Can you actually call it kilawin if it's made with meat? I said yes, because kilawin is cooking raw meat with vinegar. I suppose technically it isn't since the goat skin and meat were cooked... but that's just splitting hairs, isn't it?

This stuff was fantastic. Slightly smoky taste from the butcher taking a torch to the skin to remove the hair. Spicy from the thinly sliced jalepenos, and slightly sour from the vinegar. If I threw this on a hot plate it would be sisig. Perfect with beer and rice (I'm Asian... I had to.)

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