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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Easily Update Firmware

No-Open Xbox 360 Firmware Updating

 Remove the upper metal sheeting from the top cover. To do this, use a dremel tool and cutting disc to quickly cut away the two melted gobs of plastic holding the sheeting in place. Pull up and remove.

Now all that's needed to do is add a couple SATA wires to the board. Connect a one foot long, 90 degree SATA cable to the board. Attach the Male end of a Male to Female SATA cable to the other end. Connect the Female end to the drive.

 Now all that is needed is a little rerouting of the wires beside the left side of the drive so that the M to F connection is outside the main enclosure, to the front left (where the hard drive will be sitting). Carefully put everything back together and you should have easy access to the Male SATA plug by just popping off the hard drive and the plastic cover.

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