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Sunday, October 09, 2011

New Shalimar Take Out Restaurant (Nanuet, NY)


Now that I no longer live in the area, my mom likes to let me know about the new restaurants opening up.

“Oh… you have to go to the new Indian restaurant. It’s a grocery store too, but they have a buffet! Your dad went there and got all this food for 6.99! Go buy lunch there today and get another so you have lunch for tomorrow…”

If it’s called New Shalimar, there must be an old one, right? And if that’s the case, I don’t know where that place is. This restaurant is located on Route 59, in the shopping strip next to the Thruway Plaza (look for Rockland Brushless Car Wash, and Dunkin Donuts).


I don’t know how long they’ve been open, but as you can see it’s pretty sparse. In the very back is their butcher area, and perhaps their kitchen behind that. Along the right side of the wall by the meats are a couple of coolers, one full of drinks, and the other with self-serve desserts. There may have been some perishable items too, but the desserts had me in a trance. Up at the front is  the glass cooler containing cooked foods, and across from it their rice section. Not seen in the picture and was behind me was the chafing dishes for the buffet lunches and dinners. Very clean, and unlike other Indian groceries I’ve been to, very quiet.


The prepared foods they offered today include: goat biryani, chicken biryani, chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, goat curry, chili chicken, potato spinach, and okra. Their flier states that they have over 20 dishes to choose from, but I guess that’s just Monday – Saturday. You can order as much as you want (that will fit the container) of any entrée for 6.99 and it comes with one free naan (which they forgot to give me) . The price is the same for lunch and dinner, which is a pretty good deal. I paid the fourteen dollars for the two containers of food and went on my way.


Container 1 (L to R): Goat biryani, spinach, goat curry, chili chicken


Container 2 (L to R): Chicken tikka masala, okra, chicken briyani (bottom)

I sampled a little bit of each and I’ve got to say, it wasn’t bad. Good, but nothing that really wowed me. But for what it is – inexpensive Indian take out – it is something that you may want to consider trying out. Definitely a quick option if you’re on your lunch break, and if you don’t want the hot food, there’s always the grocery part to check out. I’d like to see what kind of produce they plan on selling, and I definitely need to try out some of those desserts.



New Shalimar
348 West Rt. 59
Nanuet, NY 10954
(845) 507-0422/(845) 270-3856

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