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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Seafood Fest


You would think after that fish fry madness I’d want to take a break from seafood… right? Well, I gave myself a couple of hours before I went back for more. Lots more.


Saturday at Matt’s Fish Fry was lobster day – both lobster dinners and live lobsters were the daily special. Sure I could have bought a live lobster and cooked it at home, but eh, I’ll save it for next time. The lobster dinner was 15.95, which came with two sides and a roll. The lobster I’m pretty sure was one of the ones they cooked earlier that day, as I saw someone from the kitchen grab a cooked one from the glass case. Whatever it was, it was still hot after the quick drive home. Served with a lemon wedge and melted… margarine most likely.

The lobster was good. Not waterlogged, with just enough liquid inside of the carcass to slurp away (and make M cringe). Meat was moist and not at all tough. I’m pretty sure I picked out all the meat in that lobster… and loved every messy minute.


Clams were $4.95/dozen, so of course I ordered two. And like the lobster, they were cooked up right – no shrinkage here. And yes… that’s what I said. Salty, briny, whatevery. And more of the yellow stuff. I kept telling myself it was butter so I’d feel better about submerging the lobster and clams in it.


As I mentioned earlier, the lobster dinner comes with two sides - I went with fries and slaw. Fries were a tad cold by the time I started on them, and the slaw was slaw. Not heavy on the dressing, so that works for me. The roll I was supposed to get wasn’t in the bag, but the butter that went with the roll was.

I’m kinda hoping they still have this lobster special going on, because it’s sounding good right about now.

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