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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Questionable Defense


Oh, the lengths I will go to to save my garden.

As you know, I have a vegetable garden. I’ve put in all this money and effort so I’d have a bountiful harvest and eat healthy, and so on. Things were going well, until the unwelcome friends stepped in.

These unwelcome friends ate up all my carrots, mustard greens, and daikon. And these were the plants I grew from seed and were the hardiest of the bunch!

So I asked around about how to keep the furry ones at bay. I was given many different answers, but the local people seemed to agree on one – bar soap. Irish Spring, specifically. The smell makes animals think people are near, so they scatter. Sounded good to me, so off to the store.


Get there and no Irish Spring. I think there was a sale and people pounced, leaving me walking up and down the soap aisle trying to find something else. I ended up buying Ivory, because it was the least annoying smell. I also picked up a couple of pantyhose eggs to hold the soap in. Cut the soap up into cubes, wrapped it in hose, and placed them around the perimeter of my garden.

Did it work?

Hell no.

The carrots which miraculously came back were eaten once again. Same with the mustard greens and daikon. Those rascally rabbits!

At this point, I give up. I will let my plants be, and hope for the best. And if I do come across a rabbit, well… we shall have words. Words.

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