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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puerto Rico Getaway Part 1: Traveling


It’s been over a week since I got back. About time I wrote about it, eh?

I started the month off with a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a destination wedding. I decided to fly out of Albany, which wasn’t too bad… except that total travel time ended up being six hours. That’s like flying to the west coast!


Spotted this on the way to catching my plane in Philadelphia. It’s a beer bottle clock! I don’t remember what beer bottles they used, but I am pretty sure they were Yuengling.


Shockingly, a cup of coffee did not cost an arm and a leg at the airport. Plane coffee was weak, so I just had to. Side note, which airlines still give you food during your flight without asking for money?


You can’t see it, but under my purse was ~2 pounds of grilled meats from Puerto Rico. I brought food back from my trip… I was that person. My section of the plane smelled of grilled amazingness, and it was all for me. Bwahahaha!

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