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Monday, April 25, 2011

Farewell, Peter Wong's

It's been a while since I stopped in for a bite. I should have gone back sooner, before it was too late.

Peter Wong's in Montvale is no more. The Antique Mall and barber shop which neighbored it in that strip mall have also made their exit. I don't know if they were turned out, or left willingly.

That far end of the strip, which seemed pretty empty anyways, has been fenced off and from what I've seen, is in the midst of reconstruction.

And what is filling the void?

The Fresh Market.

I noticed the sign as I was driving toward A&P Fresh, not even half a mile further down the road. The Fresh Market, which M and I both agree is very similar to A&P. Not to mention DePiero's is nearby.


At first, I thought it was pretty cool- they were expanding and hey... more options, right? But as I drove past, I saw who had to be sacrificed for that to go in. I became livid.

Three local business had to go so that a chain could come in. Mom & Pop's. Stores that seemed to be there forever. Now gone to appeal to the followers of "gourmet markets." It is the trend, after all.

I don't know. Very disappointed. Can't even tell you if I'll ever shop in that FM. I'm sure I'll stick my head in there to give it the once over, but then I'll get back in my car and shop where I usually shop.

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