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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Halo-Halo All Over…


I don’t know the exact measurements, but I’d like to say we got 10-11 inches of the fluffy white stuff. I woke up quite early (4AM early) to clear the driveway, but one look out the window and the streets weren’t plowed. So instead of shoveling, I watched for the trucks and went back to sleep.

By late morning I had cleared off the driveway, and wouldn’t you know it… nice day. Sun was shining, and snow was starting to melt. I headed back into the house achy, and famished. Thankfully, I had something waiting for me.


Sis made up a batch of pantry soup. Chock full of veggies from the freezer, along with the remaining salad vegetables she bought for her lunches. I cooked up some barley to add to the soup, and a couple cans of black beans.

Oh, and the halo-halo in the title? Snowfalls always make me think of Rex Navarette’s stand up routine. I was trying to find the halo-halo bit on youtube, but nothing. But watch his stuff though. Hilarious.

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