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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Big League Chew


This really brings me back to my childhood. I’d buy this from the country store, along with a pack of Nerds, a bag of chips, and a Cherry Coke (I was indeed a junk food kid) before heading over to the playground or the bowling alley. This was the only gum I would chew during t-ball/coach pitch/little league games… because BLC was the gum to chew when you were playing baseball.

I like the cartoon back then… the new ones are weak.

So what if it’s the kiddie version of chewing tobacco (which I am sure those baseball players were actually using)? The gum was shredded! You got more in that one pouch than what you would get in a pack of Bubblicious (possibly). It was the thing to be seen with in the 80’s. Plus, it was good for blowing big bubbles.

On a recent trip to Ocean State, I spotted BLC. I didn’t see any Swinging Sour Apple, but I did buy the other three flavors - Outta Here Original, Ground Ball Grape, and Wild Pitch Watermelon. And for 75 cents, I really couldn’t pass it up. They’re also selling it at Five Below (there’s one in Latham, where FYE used to be) for $1.25… or something close to that.

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